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July 2024
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Heat Pump Installation
in Richmond, VA

Conquer Richmond’s weather with a new heat pump system from Southern Goodman! Feeling the strain of an aging heat pump? Yearning for year-round comfort and lower energy bills? We’ve been Richmond’s trusted heat pump installation experts since 1917. Our experienced crews deliver seamless installations, maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruption.

Upgrade your home comfort today! Contact Southern Goodman for a free consultation and discover how a new heat pump system can transform your life.


How much will it cost to replace a heat pump system in Richmond, VA?

The cost to replace a heat pump system depends on five factors:

  • The size of the system required to heat and cool the area efficiently
  • The efficiency rating of the new heat pump system
  • Brand of heat pump system
  • Modification required to make the system operate efficiently
  • Additional modifications requested by clients

Due to the amount of variables that dictate the actual heat pump replacement cost, we believe the best way to be transparent is to give our clients a range of what our past clients have spent to replace their heat pump system.

Southern Goodman - Average Heat Pump Installation Cost Graphic
Want to get the benefits of a new heat pump system but don’t want to pay now?

How is the price for a heat pump system determined?

The price to replace a heat system is determined by the cost of the equipment, materials, and the amount of time it will take to complete the installation of the heat pump system.

How long will it take to replace a heat pump system?

Our heat pump replacements are designed for efficiency! In most cases, our experienced technicians can complete your installation within a single day. The typical timeframe falls between 6 and 8 hours, depending on your specific system and any additional services you request. This allows you to minimize disruption and get back to enjoying comfortable temperatures quickly.

How long will you have to wait until your new air conditioner is installed?

Get Comfortable Quickly! We understand the importance of a timely installation, which is why most customers enjoy their new heat pump system installed the very next business day after selecting their perfect unit. During peak seasons, wait times may occasionally be slightly longer. However, we strategically reserve next-day installation slots whenever possible to accommodate urgent needs and minimize disruption for our valued customers.



Book your appointment

Southern Goodman allows our clients to either book online or call (804) 390-5440.
Southern Goodman - Scheduling Air Conditioning Installation & Repair from Phone


Meet the Comfort Advisor

The comfort advisor will reach out to confirm your availability and work around your busy schedule to meet you.
Southern Goodman - Air Conditioning Installation Comfort Advisor


Review, Analyze, and Design

The comfort consultant will go through an agenda so that you will know exactly what is happening on your appointment. The comfort advisor will then review, analyze, and design a system that best fits your needs.
Southern Goodman - Air Conditioning Installation Job


Review Options

Our comfort advisors will give you a few options and will help answer any questions you may have. Once you pick an option, they will work with your schedule to set an installation date.
Southern Goodman - Air Conditioning Installation Visit



Our team reaches out to you on the day of the installation to let you know who they are and they are on the way. The installation team will introduce themselves, review the work being performed, and install the system.

Southern Goodman - Air Conditioning Installation Unit


Walk Through

The installation team will go through the new system with you including any questions you may have. This is when you will receive your warranty information and your AHRI certificate for your new air conditioning system.
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