5 Tips to Help Reduce Your Electricity Bill During the Summer 

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As the spring heat rises, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature while keeping energy costs in check becomes a constant challenge. At Southern Goodman Heating and Air, we understand the importance of reducing strain on your HVAC system and keeping your energy bill as low as possible during this time. Here are five tips to help maintain a comfortable home while keeping your energy bill low.  

1. Regularly Replace filters: A dirty filter causes a high electricity bill. If your system cannot breathe as it is designed, it will take longer for your system to keep your home comfortable. The longer you run your system the more electricity is consumed. We advise our customers to inspect their filters each time they pay their electricity bill. 

2. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat: Smart thermostats have many features that will allow you to maintain a comfortable home all the while saving on your electricity. You can easily create a schedule and have your system run at certain times. You can set reminders and alerts so that your thermostat will let you know that your filter needs to be checked or that your system has been running too long.  

3. Reduce the Amount of Heat Inside Your Home: Minimize heat buildup indoors by using quality windows or blinds to block sunlight. When leaving your home, ensure blinds are closed to prevent heat from entering. Consider installing an attic stairway cover so that you can reduce the amount of heat coming in your home through your attic. Less heat in the home means the system will have to run for a shorter amount of time saving you money on your electricity bill. 

4. Have Your Coils Cleaned: Your air conditioner acts as a vacuum and collects dirt in between the coils while running. Dirty coils can reduce the amount of air flow across the coils causing the system to run longer. We have a filter inside the home to protect the indoor equipment, however there is nothing protecting the outdoor air conditioner. We believe in cleaning your air conditioning coils at least once a year.

5. Schedule Professional Maintenance: Ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible by scheduling maintenance with one of our 5-star technicians. Our professional technicians can identify and address any issues before they escalate, saving you money and preventing unnecessary strain on your system.  

Keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the summer and beyond. For comprehensive air conditioning repair and maintenance services, contact Southern Goodman Heating and Air today. Let us help you restore comfort and peace of mind to your home.