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May 2024
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Water Heater installation and Repair
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In the average Virginia home, water heating accounts for around 18 cents of every dollar spent on household energy expenses. Southern Goodman Mechanical offers the water heater services you need to enjoy the benefits of hot water without breaking the bank.

Water Heater Installation

Featuring a slew of innovative features, today’s modern water heaters have energy efficiency built into the design. If you have an older, uninsulated model, a replacement could pay for itself through lower operating costs. Our water heater installation services ensure you gain maximum savings.

From conventional storage tanks to tankless models, we offer a wide array of water heating solutions. Call us for a free consultation, and our experts will help guide you towards the product that best fits your needs. We’ll install the heater for maximum efficiency so that you reap the full rewards of your investment.

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Repair or Replace?

Whether you’re doing the dishes, taking a shower or running a load of laundry, you depend on a reliable source of hot water. For your health and safety, you also need a heater that works properly and produces water that is free of contaminants. Problems like water leaks demand immediate attention. It’s time to consider a replacement when corrosion causes a leak. Other issues can often be resolved with a quick call to Southern Goodman Mechanical to schedule a timely repair. Contact us if you notice any of the following problems.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Imagine a water heater that saves you money while providing you with an endless supply of hot water. That’s the kind of experience you can expect with a tankless water heater from Southern Goodman Mechanical. Conventional heaters waste energy keeping gallons of water hot 24/7.

In contrast, tankless models generate hot water on demand. Depending on your hot water usage, you can save between 15 and 35 percent on water heating. Because the water won’t stagnate in a tank waiting for you to use it, you’ll enjoy water fresh from the source. Tankless water heaters also last around twice as long as traditional models.

Richmond’s Top Water Heater Repair and Installation Experts

Whether you need a quick water heater repair or a new installation, count on our team of professionals for stellar service. For more than a century, we’ve been the company Central Virginia trusts to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We consider no job complete until we’re certain that you’re 100-percent satisfied with the results.