3 Common Signs You Need a Ductwork Inspection

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A ductwork inspection is the best defense against air leaks, accumulating dust and other issues that often plague air ducts. When these issues go unresolved, your entire heating and cooling system may pay the price. Fortunately, many problems can be easily prevented by learning to recognize when your air ducts aren’t functioning properly. When you notice these important warning signs, it’s time to contact your local HVAC pros in Richmond for a thorough inspection.

Your Energy Costs Have Spiked

Has heating and cooling your Richmond, Virginia, home suddenly become a serious drain on your bank account? When your utility bills seem to spike without explanation, your air ducts should be a primary suspect. Air leaks and poor insulation can waste a great deal of energy, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars per year. A comprehensive inspection can uncover these troublesome leaks and help you put an end to duct-related waste.

You’re Dealing with Dust

There’s bound to be some dust in every home, but an excessively dusty environment can spell serious trouble. Too much dust can affect indoor air quality, cause breathing difficulties, impact your HVAC system’s performance and lead to maintenance issues. Be sure to check your air vents regularly for any accumulation of dust and dirt. You may also notice more visible particles in the air and more dust accumulating on exposed surfaces in your home. Scheduling a ductwork inspection can reveal the cause of your air quality issue and help restore a cleaner, healthier home.

Your Comfort Is Compromised

If your HVAC system is struggling to keep you comfortable, it’s time to have your ductwork inspected by a professional. Poor comfort is often the result of an airflow problem within your system. Damaged ducts, loose seams and improper ductwork installation can all disrupt the smooth flow of air through your home. In particular, ductwork issues can often cause some parts of your home to be hotter or colder than others.

Your air ducts play an indispensable role in your heating and cooling system. For optimal performance and efficiency, trust the experienced ductwork professionals at Southern Goodman Mechanical. Explore our comprehensive ductwork services online or call today to see what our skilled comfort advisors can do for you.