3 Reasons You Should Take the Plunge and Go Ductless

ductless air conditioner mounted on wall

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Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, putting on an addition or replacing your current cooling system, you’ll have many options. A ductless mini-split is a solution that offers many benefits for your Powhatan, VA, home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Read on to discover three reasons why you should take the plunge and go ductless.

Customize Temperature Control

If your household includes two or more people, the chances are that each person has a different temperature preference. With a ductless AC system, you can keep everybody happy by setting up comfort zones. These systems accommodate up to four indoor units, and each unit cools a zone. The indoor units have their own thermostats, and you can set each one to the temperature you prefer. Set the thermostat with the remote control or an app on your phone for added convenience. You can cool just one zone or all four.

Increase Design Flexibility

Ductless mini-splits provide you with a lot of design flexibility. You can have the indoor units installed on any wall. They can also be mounted on a ceiling. As long as they’re within 50 feet of the outdoor unit, you can put them in a place that’s convenient. The indoor units are small, and they just require a small conduit to the outdoor unit.

Save Money

According to the Department of Energy, ductless AC systems could lower your summertime cooling costs by as much as 30%. That’s because leaky ducts waste a lot of the cool air in a traditional central air conditioning system. Although the installation cost is higher for ductless air conditioning, you’ll save more money in the end. Your home’s carbon footprint will be smaller, too. You’ll feel confident knowing that you’re taking action to reduce carbon emissions.

For more details why you should choose a ductless AC system, take a look at Southern Goodman Mechanical’s ductless mini-split installation services, or call us today for additional info.